Osho Dynamic Meditation

February 25, 2020

This context is my personal and after 20 years of experience, It is truly my experience through this technique.

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation is very unique in this world. This meditation technique called ‘Active’ Meditation. Osho invented this technique between 1959-1960. This technique will cleanse your inner body & outer body. He called this mother of meditation. He was given the highest priority for this technique. This meditation should practice through Dynamic Meditation music only. It should be done before sunrise every day.

I have practiced this meditation for about 20 years in my life and I will continue in my life in the future. Whatsoever I am sharing is out of my sadhana. As per my knowledge meditations are many in this world. Many of them sitting silently and making out some breathing process and watching our mind.

Osho was devised many techniques after lord shiva. Lord Shiva was given 112 techniques (Vignanabhairava Tantra) to given this world, Osho was given more than 500 techniques and it accommodates the present modern man and future world.

Dynamic Meditation duration is 60 Minutes and 5 levels. All the stages should perform through Dynamic Meditation Music. It should not alter, otherwise don’t do this meditation strictly.

1st Stage 10 Minutes:

It is called chaotic breathing through our nose and it should be breath out only, breath in will take care of our body automatically. Breathe out continuously without any pause, deep breathing & fast breathing is very important, this will continue 10 minutes.

What will happen in our body through this breathing out! Many things will go on in our bodies.
a) We are holding 72 thousand million nerve system and some of the tiny nerves and we cannot see from naked eyes. If we combine 1 Lac nerves, it will equal to our hair. That much tiny nerves we have. This process will cleanse all nerve systems, including tiny ones. It will clear all blocks. This is very, very important, all our diseases come from these blockages. Through this, you will be healthy.
b) Trough this stage you become no mind, through this breathing we are not giving a chance for thought. This deep breathing hitting the top of our head on the boneless area from our navel center and keeping no-mind state. This stage will stop all your thought processes and keeping mind thoughtless state.

2nd Stage 10 minutes:

This process belongs to the heart center, in our regular life we repress the anger and sometimes we express anger or happiness, laughter, sometimes we use to get a crying situation but our mind will stop there and we are not consuming that energy here and repressed that energy by ourselves. A universal rule of energy once the energy created it that should be consumed otherwise it will dangerous, it will accumulate energy and not consumption and it will burst one day. Our energy is also like that, the same formula. What we are getting from outer and we are not giving a chance, let go, precisely we are accumulation energy.
Here at this point, we should throw out in as it is formed. For example, someday in some situation, we want to shout out, but our mind was stopping there and already created that energy that moment inside, sometimes we want to laugh at that moment, in the same way, we cannot laugh at that moment, like that many energies accumulated inside ourselves. These energies help you in certain moments in our lifetime and that energy makes more mess in our lives. Osho said many energies are working in our space and positive & negative energies. In one inch of space millions of energies working and it dominates from our basic energy if your basic energy is positive, then positive energies will help you vise versa in the same room of negative energy.
In this phase, we feel and hypnotize ourselves and throw away those energies as it is formed. When you try one spot by yourself that one by one it will come automatically, you will be surprised. Just recollect some moments, this technique will quit those energies itself and throw it in as it is formed.

In the first stage, we are keeping no mind through the breathing process.
Second Stage we are throwing our emotions, hatred and other garbage..

Third Stage 10 minutes:

This stage belongs to an awaking of our kundalini Shakthi, it is exactly below the navel center and above the sex center. Here we should chant ‘Hoo’ through jumping with hands up, it should be chanted loudly and profoundly from our navel center. In this stage, this ‘Hoo’ mantra will hammer your kundalini Shakti, normally it was a non-active state and this process will activate kundalini Shakti. This should be done 10 minutes continuously.

Fourth Stage 15 minutes:

This stage is ‘Silence’ state. The above 3 stages will be performed through music and after the 3rd stage, a stop will be there and the fourth phase will be continued by no music and just silence. In this level you have to observe your inside and outside, just witnessing your inner and outer, watching yourself, doing nothing, just like flowing in the river, just like watching the traffic on the road, thoughts will come and go, here do not follow the thoughts, do not force to stop thoughts, do not create the thoughts, just be in watching yourself, you will get glimpses of thoughtless state in the gaps of between thoughts. Observe everything, including that no-mind state between the thoughts, gradually that no-mind state increase by your Sadhana, thoughts will disappear. You are available to the existence, you will be synchronized with the existing. You constantly keep you in consciousness when you meditate regularly.

Fifth Stage 15 minutes:

After a silence, the state will start with beautiful music, just dance and merge with the music, like flow with the river, music and you become one, no judgment of music, it is really powerful, dance with no mind, be in present with music and dance. You will consume all your energies here through dance, you should be vacuous. When you require energy than you will draw from nature like a well.

Most of our energy is squandered by our thoughts, one negative thought consumes 90% of our energy. You will imagine how much negative thought will occur in a minute and day? All our energy is draining out from our thoughts? Imagine. How can our organs survive without energy? That’s the fashion we are getting many, many diseases. Be in a thoughtless state and live in the consciousness and live healthily. Spend 1 hr for this meditation and you have 23 hours after this meditation.

For more information about Dynamic Meditation.
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