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May 4, 2020

D I S T A N C E:
One day, I took some pictures of 2 peacocks on my afternoon walk. Both were for sure not coming too close to each other, like we do in this coronavirus time. Seeing peacocks, a word occurred to me and that was D I S T A N C E. Perhaps because of Coronavirus it is used repeatedly, these days.
Paying attention, suddenly I can relate, many experiential dimensions of Distance, from my own life and observing the life around;
Sharing some experience, some insights, I learned and some observation …
Distance is not only just a physical measurement, but also it is an experience with each person we relate and all the time ….
We experience Distance at many levels ;
• Physical
• Psychological
• Emotional
• At deeper level too….
With some people we are comfortable, when there is a distance – if they come closer – you may feel scary, or you may doubt the intention of the person- what that person wants…?
And with someone else when there is distance you may miss the person – coming closer can be a joy, feeling good…. A fulfilling experience.
At work:
In working and practical life … dealing and working with colleagues – with someone you might feel closer psychologically –emotionally – you may feel a kind of trust and relaxation…
And with other person you many feel an un-bridgeable distance – between you there may exist issues… competition or control or judgments or an emotional charge or a feeling of insecurity or a jealousy……
With such persons – you may feel insecure, angry, hateful or afraid……
At work, you together may be perceived as a team – and internally, emotionally – nothing is even closer to a team understanding between individuals. Distance!
At home and in family:
If you become aware of your emotions, inner experience – in family you may discover Distance with each person- howsoever close you may be in your relations. Being together for longer periods – as it happens these days in Coronavirus lockdowns– you might find yourself irritated, annoyed, angry, bored …. Restless …
The experience of Distance is different with different persons –and whenever there are moments of less distance – feeling a closeness – you will feel good.
It is not just that others are the cause of distance -we (you and I) are involved in our experience of Distance. Our thoughts, projections, attitudes, judgments… have major role in our internal experience of Distance.
The experience of Distance with persons in our life– that you feel– that they feel – creates an atmosphere of our life around us and inside us- in our thoughts and feelings.
This feeling of distance keeps changing – it is alive – depends on you – on the other and the situations…. Something happens and you feel closer – something different happen and feels like moving away…
The experience of good friend is when this experience of Distance is not disturbed – doesn’t become bigger with small episodes – you may fight and still you feel closer.
Sometimes you meet someone first time – and you may feel closer – a trust and sometimes – you meet someone and without any reason there is Distance … mystery of life…
Sitting close and you may feel as far away – and someone very far away -and you feel connected and close…..these days in this virus situation, often you receive messages – someone cares for you, remembers you – and you are touched … feel so close…
Our upbringing has created many kinds of Distances – distances of religion, countries, races, social status, ideologies, politics and many others….
When alone – you may find distance with yourself too – a part of you – judging yourself … same as you judge others, there are judgments, attitudes, disliking for yourself too. We have conditioning – how one should be. And a Distance between as you are and as you should be …. An uncomfortable feeling of this Distance – and we cannot relax and enjoy ourselves. We are running to cover this distance by success…. Achievements …..
Our egos, mindsets, misunderstanding are our distances …. Love, acceptance friendliness is closeness …. And a fact that closeness is also a distance … it may be very short one … but still it is a distance.
There is much to learn and transform from each Distance we experience…
Meditation… Awareness is a light with which we can discover that space inside – where all the distances dissolve and feeling at home!
Just a little conscious resting within…. And all is well…

Wonderful Images of Osho Commune Pune


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