Ekta Kapoor-Indian Army Controversy | Army Officer Challenging Ekta Kapoor

June 12, 2020

Respect our Nation and our Arm Forces. Please do not watch Balaji Tele Films as well as ‘Ghatia Ekta Kapoor’ Serials. I request you all my friends do not encourage such kind of serials. Please share this article to your friends and your circles. By RaviOsho

As per my spiritual experience if you watch these kinds of serials you will get more diseases. This universe is running on energy and everything, including animals and things and our human beings. These kinds of serials consume more energy and 90% of your energy consumption to such negative energy serials. How could you survive your physical body & your organ? That’s the way people are going sicker and getting more new diseases. All TV serials are focusing on negative activity on roles, your mind will capture that energy unknowingly without your permission. Stop seeing serials from now onwards and keep your body healthy.

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