My Story

I am a businessman, with experience managing Perfect Time Industries, Isha Info Services. Wristwatch manufacturer and Web Hosting, designing services. I love to design websites.
My interest in social awareness and spiritual awareness. I am a meditator from last 28 years, my spiritual journey started in 1992 and my first guru was Shri Rishi Prabhakar, I felt more spiritual thirst through SSY, Srinivas Rao Guruji is my SSY teacher introduced me Dynamic Meditation of OSHO, I started to do Dynamic Meditation and read about OSHO, I found on my Dynamic Meditation changed my whole life. OSHO is an ocean and till I didn’t find the end. I experienced Osho’s energy in every moment, OSHO is the master of masters, he is helping me to rise in my sadhana. I am getting deeper and deeper in myself, sometimes I could not do my sadhana for weeks and months due to work pressure and my work become my Sahana with no mind, OSHO always said live with no mind and that’s what happening in my life. I never missed my inner core. With the blessing of my guru’s.
I want to create health & spiritual awareness in the social world. People are corrupting society’s wealth and health and I want to create awareness through my blog.

My Sanyas name

Bodhi Ravinder.

Ravinder Ramini
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